Building a more resilient workforce

Interview with Nicole Claase, Deputy Vice President Learning & Development AS EMEA

You have recently launched a project to foster workforce resilience. What is your definition of workforce resilience and why have you chosen to focus on this?

Being resilient helps people to adapt and remain strong during times of significant stress. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a difficult situation. It can be learned and nurtured through training and practice. Since a resilient workforce is essential for having a sustainable organization, it was very clear that supporting employees with training on managing stress and building resilience was extremely important.

What learning model have you used, and who has taken part?

The training is hosted virtually and includes best practices, self-reflection and sharing of ideas and concerns. Although the content part is important, great value lies in sharing and discussion amongst the participants.

The training focuses on understanding stress, understanding how each person responds to stress and then developing a personal stress management plan. Resilience is strongly interlinked with stress management and the training focuses on those elements which build resilience, such as working towards a purpose.

So far, the participants have been management teams in the AS EMEA segment, as well as customer service teams from the sales and service department in the Middle East and Africa region. The training is available to all employees.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a time of unprecedented uncertainty. What does this have to do with workforce resilience?

Workforce resilience is especially important during these times of uncertainty. Developing the ability to manage stress and to stay resilient will help to sustain a strong organization that can adapt in times of change and can maintain a positive and effective workforce.

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