Innovation Wins

Innovation Wins

dormakaba holds second Hackathon

From 10 to 12 May 2022, following the success of the first Hackathon in 2021, dormakaba hosted the second Hackathon for Access Control Solutions at its headquarters near Zurich, Switzerland. Diverse teams from all over the world joined forces to conceptualize, develop and present their ideas at the event. After almost three days of hard work, the winners were chosen in categories such as «Overall Winner» «Most Innovative Idea», «Idea with biggest business value» and «Audience Award». 

After last year’s success of the Hackathon 2021, six ideas were selected for becoming part of the portfolio of dormakaba. One of these ideas was launched in January 2022, while others are still under development. In addition, to broaden its service solutions offerings, the program also fosters an innovation-centric and high-performance culture thus unlocking the potential for sustainable growth and success. The main organizer and jury member, Frank Lorenz said: “Last year’s hackathon unleashed a lot of energy and resonated with so many colleagues, that there was no doubt to organize it again. The main drivers of the event are team collaboration, innovation, creativity, challenge the status quo and create new features and products for our customers.”

The positive results of the previous year led to an increased diversity and participation rate. This year dormakaba also welcomed at its headquarters teams from Canada and the US for the first time. In total, around 65 colleagues, organized in 20 teams developed innovative solutions.

The teams experimented and programmed their innovations for 2.5 days so that the most advanced prototypes possible were presented to the jury. The jury tested the ideas with specific and critical questions to check their quality and suitability for the business, then voted for the winners in three categories. The winner of the fourth category was selected by the audience.

“The hackathon represents many of the dormakaba values such as courage. The participants must be courageous to introduce and showcase their innovations in front of the jury and their peers which I find inspirational.” said Andreas Haeberli, CTO at dormakaba and member of the hackathon jury. “I could truly feel the power of an unleashed one-dormakaba spirit.”

The ten-member jury included Andreas Haeberli (CTO), Frank Lorenz (SVP PD ACS), Oliver Borchmann (SVP PD AAS), Mathieu Verley (SVP Marketing), Stefan Amman (SVP RMO CH), Johanna Leffler (SVP Finance), Juan-Andrés Arias (SVP Global ACS), Travis Willis (Regional Marketing & Sales Excellence), Justin Crotzer (SVP PD AHS), Thomas Herling (Lead Global BO Ecosystem).

In addition to the enthusiasm of the participants, the high quality of the presented solutions stood out, regardless of the early stages of development.


About the Hackathon format

At the Access Control Solutions Hackathon, employees can work for two and a half days on a self-selected topic connected to the dormakaba business. This can be a challenge from their customers’ or their own everyday life, a known problem, or a creative idea. The Hackathon offers them room to question the status quo, networking opportunities and the chance to implement their ideas away from the daily work routine. This allows the participants to move outside of roadmaps and current processes, aiming at developing innovative solutions for customers and markets.


Patrick Lehn
Patrick Lehn Senior Manager Group External Communications / Press Officer


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