Investing in technology and knowledge base to improve sales performance

The Sales Enablement Initiative of our segment AS EMEA aims to improve the processes, information, skills and tools across the sales organization, that are needed to better serve customers and sell more effectively.

The development of the Sales Enablement Initiative started in March 2020, and soon the sales operating model was defined. It is built on 3 pillars: Great people, Efficient Process, Common metrics.

Great people. Sales managers have a major impact on sales performance, therefore improving their skills and competences is key. The Sales Leader Training program includes 10 modules on relevant sales topics (i.e. indirect and direct sales, pricing, international key accounts, services sales), management skills and coaching. The training content was developed in collaboration with the AS AMER Sales Enablement team, that had already launched a similar initiative. The program is compulsory for all of our sales directors and managers across the AS EMEA segment. Besides this, the Remote Selling Training program provides sales representatives with the skills and the confidence to effectively conduct sales meetings in a virtual environment, which has been more common since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Efficient Process. To support the work of our sales representatives, we aim to implement a harmonized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in each country across AS EMEA by the end of 2022. The first launch took place in France in June 2021. Furthermore, a sales enablement platform, first piloted by AS AMER, is also being deployed to provide relevant, easily accessible sales information to the salespeople and foster best practice sharing across the countries.

Common metrics. We are implementing standardized sales processes, targets and metrics, which are discussed in weekly progress calls with the COO of EMEA, the five Region Leads, the Segment Finance Lead, the Sales Enablement Lead and the Segment HR & Sales Enablement Lead to create a cadence, “Rhythm and Rigour”, as we call it. This brings more transparency and makes it possible to continuously monitor activities.

One of the major outcomes of the program so far, is that we could create an international community of sales professionals across the AS EMEA segment. The participants feel more engaged and are proud to be part of the sales community.

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