Offering safe product service during the Covid-19 pandemic

Interview with Christian Bauszus, Global Business Owner Services, dormakaba

Service colleagues around the world have been working on-site during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep our access and security solutions maintained for our customers. How did you handle this?

Early during the pandemic, we issued a global guidance for the service organization to ensure that neither our employees nor our customers are exposed to any undue risk of contagion. The guidance included best practices for hygiene as well as further recommendations directly related to services and installation work. One example is in physically demarcating allowed “touch points” on building property or construction sites. This included, for example, push plates, handrails, locking points, door handles and tablets or documents and pens. Hands-off everywhere else.

Other guidance included best practice examples of hygiene and hand-washing techniques, as well as Personal Protective Equipment, on bringing food from home rather than stopping at busy restaurants for lunch, daily updates on outbreaks and no-go areas, and recommendations to conduct service work outside of the customers’ regular business hours, etc. We also offered video conferencing and deployed augmented reality to enhance remote support services.

What kinds of customer service and communication processes did you set up?

This was managed based on the various local governmental regulations. We recommended local service teams to call the customer to understand special routines or measures on expected behavior before arrival. The guidance also included raising awareness of the safety guidelines for any subcontractors.

And we sought to support our customers not only with our services but also with our solutions, e.g., with upgrades of manual doors to touch-free automatic doors with respective sensor technology, wherever feasible, to give end users a better and more hygienic experience.

In Australia we also developed special checklists and procedures for field managers and service technicians for so-called Category 1 Sites, which included supermarkets, airports, hospitals and medical centers. And in the USA, we worked closely with our industry associations to deploy health and safety tips to our customers and provided direction on how to procure Personal Protective Equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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